With more than a decade of experience, PPP has become a leader in the composite applications specializing in corrosion resistant fiber reinforced plastic equipment.  

Our customers can be divided into several industries including chemical process, power, pulp and paper, food processing, pharmaceutical, metal plating, mining, fiber optics and semiconductor.  With purchase orders coming from original equipment manufacturers, (OEM’s), engineering firms, general contractors and direct from end users. Clients within the chemical industries include our nation’s leaders, Bayer, DuPont, Corning, Occidental, Dow, and BASF.  Kellogg Brown and Root, Bechtel, the Washington Group, and Fluor Daniel are only a sample of the engineering firms that we have completed projects for.  Power generating clients are Reliant Energy, Dominion Generation, Mitsubshi, Allegheny Power, Dayton Power & Light, AEP, and Longview Power.  Pulp and paper companies include a list of leaders such as Boise Cascade, Georgia Pacific, Appleton Papers, and International Paper.  Ceilcote, John Zink, and T-Thermo are OEMs that PPP has worked with to create custom solutions.