PPP is unique in that it is not limited to one specific resin, plastic shape or size, and has the ability to custom fabricate utilizing non-metallic materials.  Solving corrosion or abrasion problems facing our clientele is accomplished with thermosets, and dual laminates.  While fabricating custom fiberglass we utilize different types of resins to facilitate the bonding process and create the chemical resistance required for the project.  Resins used include furan, epoxy, vinyl ester, isophthalic and orthophthalic polyesters.  As PPP is one of only a few companies that have the experience and technology to manufacture fiberglass using this type of resin.  Many companies in the industry also refrain from using furan because of the special labor required to make sure all the air pockets are removed and the fiberglass is completely saturated.  In addition to using the existing resins within the industry, PPP’s research and development efforts focus on experimenting with new types of resins in hopes of discovering alternative solutions to our customer’s needs.  Using reinforcements to create the structural strength such as chopped strand mat, woven roving, bi-directional, and graphite, hundreds of different laminate combinations can be created based on the assortment of resins utilized by PPP.  As requested by our customers, we also have solutions to create products that are abrasion and conductive resistant in addition to fire retardant.

PPP has the ability to engineer high pressure systems using composites.


PPP products are custom manufactured using hand layup or filament winding that include fiberglass fabrications such as tanks, scrubbers and process vessels.  Utilizing our equipment, we are able to create any shape or size up to 12’ in diameter with stacks, hoods and other attachments.  Piping systems are a specialty of PPP and can also be manufactured from 1” to 12’ in diameter.  These systems are custom built to the clients’ specifications and can include pressure piping systems, using flanged joints, butt strap joints or bell joints as required by the project.  Prior to developing each system, a custom mold is designed to specifications by the client and the engineers creating a unique solution to the project.  The signature of PPP. 

Duct systems are also a focus of PPP using fiberglass, round, square, or oval plastic with dampers, butterfly valves, blast gates, flanged joints, butt joints, or bell joints as required by the project.